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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chasing Happy

So, for ya’ll that know me or has glanced into the pages of mind I’ve been dormant. I believe the last blog I’ve ever posted was about 2 years ago! My mind and life you could say has been a bit stagnant…but manage to find a bit of contentment. The free spirited in me seem to have woken and I hope that my words and experiences can some what inspire, relate, and help you find happiness or at least seek out happiness in this vast existence that we dwell in but most especially within yourself. I will be posting early poetry and as well as new to get reacquainted.

Things that make me happy 

Sunrises are a bit more spectacular than sunsets I believe. You may beg to differ but it takes a little more effort to see one. I love how the suns gloriousness greets you and makes you take a deep breath and smile.

Bailey Pierre Leon Marley… yes that is my puppy’s full name. Having a pet in my life teaches me to love without hesitation and never hold grudges. No matter how many times I reprimand him or get angry he comes over and lick my face and that just makes me happy.

There is something about flowers that I can’t seem to have too much around the house. They seem to bring life to any room. I’ll find any excuse to purchase them or gather them from my garden. Their beauty and short-lived life makes you appreciate them more. That’s how you should treat people in your life. Appreciate them for the moment that they are there.

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