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Monday, August 23, 2010


impermanence has bit me in the ass! yes, we ignore the fact that everything in this world we are disposed in holds no permanence. hell! even we're impermanent.
that second of epiphany, that christmas eve where my family truly exemplify holiday spirit and even that deafening moment where he and I existed- all these moments were real and they are real! i would like to go back to it or have it replayed or even stop the hands of time and live in as long as possible but i know it will never happen again. the touch, the scent, the sound and that feeling of that second will just be a distant memory in time.
 time waits for no one. even if you paid father time an exuberant amount of money or your life he won't stop the clock for you.  moments will pass and all you can do is live in the moment and then you let go- detach yourself. everything holds no permanence.
 just know that the person, that scent, that moment at the coffee shop sipping on caramel macchiatos and that kiss at the corner door was real, it is real, and that moment even after your long gone or lose that memory it will always hold an existence in time and that is permanent!

don't sit and wait for a moment to happen. each second of life is an opportunity to create a priceless moment in time. seize the day and free fall into bliss

(Hapuna Sunrise)

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