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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manifestation of Me

Step into the darkness if you dare
only the fearless dare to travel through the unknown
with an open soul
only one comes out into the light
Follow the light with your eyes close

I seek simplicity but get complexity
My mind is my solitary haven- white naked walls
Sometimes the battlefield between the conscious and the unconscious
I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy
I try to devise a plan but results in spontaneity
Randomness wakes me up in the morning and have me run a mock all day
I testify to pulchritude sunsets and sunrises
Psychos are whom I'm attracted to then again maybe, I am a little psychotic
Most men tell me they never met a woman like me because I'm different
I'm someone who is completely flawed and I flaunt it with absolute perfection
I wrote the book "The Story of a Successful Fuck Up"
I boast about my deranged intelligence of randomness
I found my own religion and preach what I've learned from the back of a starbucks coffee cup
I found epiphany at a street corner when I smiled at a complete stranger
Who dove into the depths of my murky soul
Saw every beautiful and horrific form of who I am…I saw me
I am undressed to the naked truth
You don't see it because only the brilliance can see me for all my glory
This is me God's gracious gift- Joy.

I fly on my off day


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