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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've got an old soul

I have lived in the past
Relive each present moment
I relic in the future of what it may become

(ASOS Vintage Trim Cutwork Maxi Dress, Knitted Sweater)

(Joy Diamond Watch,Silver Rosary,White Turquoise Pendant,Glass Pendant/Hemp Rope) 


(My darling who took these photos of me)

(A view of beautiful Mauna Kea)

So my weekend started off with making an attempt to go to Volcano Farmer's Market but come to find out I got the wrong day. Danny and I ended up just enjoying a little walk through the forest and coffee and homemade cookies at Ira Ono's tranquil garden. It felt like I stepped back into time... I often tell my boyfriend that I got an old soul and that I must of been a former free spirited bird or a hippie because I find myself enjoying the simplicities of the oldies. Danny, too has an old soul or maybe he just act beyond his years. Have you ever felt like you had a former life? Lived in a different era but somehow been reincarnated in this modern marvel? Do we embrace the past but live in the present? 

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