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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stream Of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness is something that my sister got me into. Thoughts juggling in my circus mind gets visual recognition. I believe Freud came up with this concept. Not sure. Pick up a pen and try it. You'll be amaze what can flow out that expansive mind.

i'm down with earth. vintagely inspired. love the feeling of the sun touching my skin but hate getting too dark. i sit at coffee shops waiting for nothing. loathe getting up in the morning but my biological clock wakes me up at 7:02 am. i sometimes eloquently speak in poetic tongue. i still ponder on complete randomness. like why do people use port-a-potties? why not just use nature's toilet. is port-a-potties more sanitary than someone's front lawn? my heart is amongst the stars today probably twinkling and winking. when i'm struck with serendipitous event i tend to consult my old self. she says to be me. why is so difficult to be me again? i'm the only one that noticed these changes. i long to immerse myself into the depths of nothingness and come out with infinity.

So my friend Desirae came to visit for a weekend and we attended the UHH/HCC Ho'olaule'a and everyone was talking about these new port-a-potties. Air conditioned, sinks to wash your hands, and a foot flusher! I couldn't resist myself so I took some photos. I've only used a port-a-potty once and I wasn't instructed on how to use it normally doesn't flush and etc. So, to find one that is on wheels and decently clean I was amazed. I know I'm pretty random and weird. But it's okay. :)

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