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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tattoo you on the sleeve of my soul

Each star
each twinkle
creates an impression in the sky
The silken galaxy
captures each interval of the moon
Each petal kiss
on my lips
leaves an imprint of your soul

(Ann Taylor Cardigan, American Rag Floral Dress, Guess Shoes) 

(Vintage Leather Belt, Turquoise/Amber Ring, Indian Deerskin Medicine Bag) 

With all this rain, I hope this is an indicator that the flowers are going to bloom soon. I got Spring fever I think. So, this outfit is all from my closet that I probably purchased a few years ago. I said I was going to recycle my clothes and so far so good. Why do we women spend so much time, money, and lots of closet space for clothing? Why are we obsessed? Why do we feel the need to have more? Why can't we opt for the simplicities in life? Is bigger or the most the best for you?


  1. Keep up the good work, Janie Joy. I ask similar questions when wandering through Macy's at the mall. Here's two ideas for all women to consider:
    1) Find a friend or person that is near the same size. Double the size of your wardrobe by swapping out clothes throughout the year.

    2) Coordinate a trade/barter-like house party or flea market. Bring all your clothes you are willing to swap. No money allowed. A way to gather and share fashion ideas, while unloading unwanted outfits and gaining perfectly good outfits from friends.

    Ok, amongst yourselves.

  2. thanks that is a really great idea! I will try to get this trade party going and will keep everyone posted.