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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Dream

Sunsets aren't as beautiful and breathtaking
if you're the only one to witness it
and there is no one to take your breath away
I've witnessed purple plum setting suns
orange citrus sunsets
and the sun illuminating pink and red hues to wake the evening skies
My favorite sunsets are the ones
I've shared with you
perched on the highest mountain
and sitting at the water's edge
you and I being spectators of one of God's marvels
Sunsets that can't be replayed
I got to share it with you
I want to share sunsets with you
I want to have my breath taken away when your lips sets on mine
I want to capture once in a lifetime moments with you
have them etched in the galleries of my heart
I want to be with you
until the sun sets on me

 Outfit: ArdenB Sweater, AmericanApparel Ivory Satin Shorts and Unisex Tank Top, Luchiny Suede Boots, Abercrombie Leather Belt, and Von Zipper Yellow Sunglasses.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather but managed to get out and get a little bit of Vitamin D, fresh thai and sweet basil from the farmer's market, and paint for my vintage drawer. I baked cupcakes today and will be making my Asian Pesto sauce for my fresh fish dinner this evening. I'm feeling a bit Martha Stewartish... probably because Better Homes and Garden magazine came in the mail :) Have a good weekend folks!

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