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Monday, February 14, 2011

Could You Be Love

I'm frightened by the thoughts my mind ponder about and conceive
I'm frightened by the pitter patter that my heart feels when engulfed in the ocean of your presence
I'm frightened by the thoughts in my mind that influences my heart to feel what it feels 
I'm frightened by the loneliness that harbors in my heart when I'm missing you
Thought of me waking up next to you every rising sun makes my heart feel at peace- that frightens me
Thought of you making me smile brings a smile to my face and my heart smiles too- that frightens me
Thought that you could be the "home sweet home" that I can come home to every waking moon
And my heart wanting to be the fortress that you, my prince reigns in
That frightens me
I'm frightened
And I feel like I'm on the edge of urge hanging by a thread of fear
I'm one to walk away from things
Walk away and shut the door behind me and not look back
I rather not have conceptions of you
And no unreasoning emotions for you
That way I won't be plagued with fear
I'm good at walking away and that too, frightens me
I'm frightened that it might be you
That will chase my fears away

my aromatic thai and sweet basil

Alstroemeria and Tulips

Riding in the car with the boy

Go to Home Depot and maybe some Bed Bath and Beyond if we got time

Slice of Love for Bob Marley's Birthday

"Love makes us do dumb shits"-Seiku, poet. 

Love isn't always about flowers, candies, fancy dinners, or even saying I love you. Love is more than that. One day of the year shouldn't be the only day to remind someone that you're grateful that a point in time that everything in the universe came to an alignment for you to set eyes on one another. 
Someone once told me to wake up before your partner in the morning and look at them while they sleep and ask yourself, "Can I honestly put up with this person for the rest of my life?" Because in life, it isn't always about love. It takes a lot more that love to make a relationship work. 

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