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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Urgency to Fly & touch Every corner Of mother Earth -Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

It has been over a month since Mexico and I have this urgency to be a bit irresponsible and buy a plane ticket and just fly somewhere. I think my spontaneous and flighty self wants to break free. However, I feel like there are too many responsibilities to tend to that have me tied to mediocrity stagnant disposition.

As I browse through shared photos from friends of traveling adventures I can't help but be envious to connect to the many wonders that mother earth has to offer. I feel like we're given opportunities in this lifetime to explore, grow, and touch people's lives somehow but many of us pass that opportunity to buy a $500 pair of shoes. I truly believe we all have a purpose to do more than work 9-5, make money, and stay in one place. If that is the case, then the earth would of been designed where everyone is confined in one location and we would be on one large mass of land rather than dispersed throughout different continents. Doesn't that mean something? Is it awfully wrong for me to want to walk every corner of this earth and leave my footprint? Do you have the desire to step out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown? It is the unknown where you really truly live life and most importantly, learn about yourself. Take the time and reflect on your life and ask yourself why you are on this earth. Are you here to just breathe in the air or more than that?

 (Reversible Dress from UrbanOutfitters, Aldo shoes)

Contemplating and sipping on an ice latte at Ah Cacao, Playa del Carmen, MX
(vintage inspired dress, Salvatore Ferragamo purse)

Street corner on Quinta Avenida 

There was something about this man that I needed to capture 

beautiful colors hanging 

 Love seeing street art

Vintage dress that Danny purchased from BuffaloExchange 

 Just free fall

You just sometimes need to just take that leap of faith

 (Feather earrings from Mexico)

(Bamboo shirt Hawaiian that my sister designed)

(J.Lo floral platform shoes)

My incredibly gorgeous person that I get to look at every morning 

(Rolling winds of Waimea)

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