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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jump into the stream of consciousness

So I've been finding myself reflecting old thoughts, old ways, and of all the complete random things that makes me who I am. I've realized how I don't pick up a pen anymore and write...Maybe in our day in age we don't pick up pens/pencils anymore...There is something completely different from typing out words as opposed to physically picking up a pen and letting the ink flow out thoughts on to a piece of paper. I've also realized how much I've distant myself from who I really am...maybe. If you ever got a chance to see me live reading my might of realized how of all the mistakes that I have made. I guess what I'm trying to say is that...I guess I haven't been fucking up in life. I feel like my life as settled into mediocrity...I don't know. I'm not encouraging to fuck up all the time but it is just confirmation that we can't sit pretty and expect things to be perfect. Sometimes we need to do wrong. We really need to fuck up and learn from it. So here is a stream of consciousness...Enjoy but word of caution this poem is not for everyone. 

why are small penises rarely talked about? I'd like to hear more conversations involving small penises, Like a guy saying to another guy," who cares about your 10 inch dick, look at mine I got a 3 inch pecker, hah!" or a woman saying to another woman "I had the best 3 inch cock last night!" I'd like to see some changes, Big dicks are fuckin' over rated, too be honest, small dicks, big dicks, fat dicks, skinny dicks, crooked dicks, uncircumcised, circumcised, pierce, they all have one purpose...and all capable of having 5 seconds wonder, 4 leaf clovers what's so lucky about them? How about 7 leaf clovers how lucky are those? Kissing is no fun no more...people kiss on first date, kiss random strangers in water holes...what happen to the chase? I thought that's what gets us hot and horny? early stages of dating why do we reveal all the positive sides about us? why can't we say hey buddy, I got issues with myself, I sleep in my granny panties at night, I'm can be clingy and needy, i have an exuberant amount of insecurities about myself, I'm really materialistic, or can get quite psychotic once a month. I think relationships would last longer that way because you'll look forward to something good. Why is teasing a guy so bad? Just because you get blue balls doesn't mean it's my fault. You're in control of your own mind and you should never assume anything in life except for a 180 degree don't blame the cock teaser. I believe we can't make decisions for others, we merely just influence them but ultimately it's up to them that makes the final decision. why can't we hear animals and plants when their speaking to one another? Because clearly they hear us. why woman lie about pleasuring themselves? because it's quite apparent someone knows they're lying- themselves! why does sex mostly begin in a missionary position? why not start with the dragon or spooning for the poon instead? birds fly to the south. why can't they fly west? Why can't we change directions in our lives instead of staying on the same narrow path? I've grown out of midget phase and now fascinated by hobbits. I believe it's the big feet. and you know what big feet implies. Why do people blame the alcohol when they end up in bed with a complete stranger? Why can't we take responsibility for the fuck shits that we do? The fuck up shits are the things that build character and too be honest, I've been very intoxicated where I spent 3 hours throwing up all over myself and I can recall pretty much every minute all though it's usually hazy but I don't go blaming the 3 bottles of wine that I had, Why does the wind feel so good when it rustle through your hair? the wind is quite the teaser as well when it blows up my skirt. why can't we have unconventional dates...instead of dinner and the movies...why can't we take our cameras and photography each other and our conversation, get every angles of the words that projects out of our mouths, that uncomfortable gesture we make when asked a question we don't want to answer...doesn't a picture speak a thousand words? Maybe then we'll really learn about one another. Once Zhaung Zhou dreamt he was a butterfly and didn't know he was Zhaung Zhou. Didn't know whether if he was Zhaung Zhou who had dreamt he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhaung Zhou. Am I really here in physical form or is merely a dream wanting to be here?

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