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Monday, May 27, 2013

Japan -Meet me at the intersection of the universe at 1982

There is a point in our lives where chaos will meet bliss and we are faced with great uncertainties on how to respond. How do you respond? To sum up my life, chaotically blissful. I live and walk intensely between the two everyday. I deal with it where I freefall to whatever possibilities/outcomes and not hold any attachments-well, at least I try to. We often overanalyze the situation we're in and often forget to see the bigger picture. Why spend time thinking about it so much when you should just be living in it. 
Early on this year, I traveled to Japan and for that brief time I was there I learned so much. I have such great respect for the people and culture. They deal with life with such grace and discipline. 
My point of all this: Without chaos we will never experience bliss. Treat them equally and don't get so caught up in either one. Just live.

library in the Park Hyatt Tokyo

view of Tokyo at night

was strolling thru Harajuku and found this hole in the wall

staring and waiting to be enlightened

geisha in old Gion

strolling thru Gion


Cherry blossoms in Kyoto

View of Kyoto at night from Kiyomizudera

Inside Gordon Ramsay restaurant at the Conrad hotel where I had my last supper

my deep infatuation for flowers

NastyGal burn bright dress.

reflecting as always. my everyday get-up

Cupcakes from Let Them Eat Cupcakes

some of the wines that I got to taste with Master sommelier Chuck Furuya

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