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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Malaysia & Indonesia

What can I say about Malaysia despite the tragic event that happened merely a few weeks after leaving Kuala for a minute. KL was merely just a stop to recuperate before heading to Bali. Recuperating is not exactly what happened. Eating, walking, and getting pissy drunk is precisely what happened.'s like that movie, Eat, Pray, Love but much better! We hired a driver who I can now, call friend. Putu was seriously amazing! He was super knowledgeable about Indonesia and took us to awesome places. If you're a surfer definitely hit up Putu (leave a comment with your email and I will give you his contact information). He'll take care of you and your partner. "Organized Chaos'" was the term that Putu used for the driving in Bali. Metaphorically speaking that's just life, right?

Here is a passage from my diary from 08 Feb 14 at 2030.
          Bali, I'm not sure what to think of you. The rain, thunder, and lighting was quite welcoming. This morning got an early dose of yoga. Despite the wind, lighting, and heavy rain it was quite peaceful and it was a great way to start the day. The streets here are quite clean. Every turn is "same same but different" The boutiques in Seminyak is the butter to your toast. Today, was the first day we had American food. Can't complain it was bacon but drowned my plate with fried rice. The "warungs" are amazing! Good down home cooking. I just realize how much I'm grateful for American bathrooms. Not needing to squat and having a hose to wash my derrière is wonderful. Watched Danny surf today. 
View of the Petronas Twin Towers at KLCC park

The Pavilion in KL. Place got everything!

Inspiration for lighting 

 Black truffle dim sum at Din Tai Fung Hangover cure.

Self portrait of me. The hairstylist did wonders to my damaged hair.

Random occurrence with a world traveler and old roomie

Inside the Petronas

Suria KLCC at night.

Cleansing for these boys at Pura Tirtha Empul

Swastika(meaning: well being)This is an ancient symbol and it's of sanskrit origin.

Ray-Ban cat-eye sunny and untamed hair. Strolling through Ubud

Passing through rice terraces on our way to Ubud

Leaving Serangan Beach (fun waves here if you're a surfer). This made me giggle and I just had to take a photo.

Free brewsky at U Paasha Hotel

Tea and coffee tasting

Eating good eats at Sate Bali in Seminyak 

"No Monkeying Around"

Breath taking views of the vast ocean that surrounds us

surf at Uluwatu Surfing Beach for this surf rat

Had this area to myself and it was wonderful!

Travel Tips, Point of Interest, & Words of Wisdom
-Use Tripadvisor for reviews of hotels & attractions. However, sometimes people over embellish the truth so read more than the first 3 reviews. 
-If this is your first time traveling outside of your country especially if you're from U.S. you need to be open minded. This world is vast and you'll be going to countries that don't have the same customs or even toilets.
-Use or to find deals and even pre-pay for hotels.
-Bring good walking shoes because you'll be walking a lot. I have a pair of Toms and it was very comfortable.
-When in Kuala Lumpur, walk if you can. Taxis are kinda pricey and beside walking is good for you.
-U Paasha Seminyak, Indonesia was a really cool hotel. Check in whenever and check out whenever. Seriously no joke. Checked out at 2000. Did I mention free breakfast buffet and wifi? Go for a swim and cocktails and watch the sunset on the rooftop. The free yoga class on the roof top was amazing!
-Hire a driver when you're in Bali. 
-Check out Ubud. It's a very artsy and funky little town with cute boutiques and eateries. 
-Eating local food is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. You have to at least try the food before making a pass judgement because it smells or look funny.
-I cannot stress the importance of respecting the people & their customs. Somehow, us, Americans get viewed as loud and obnoxious and no regards to others around us. I hate to say it but it's kinda true. So, seriously shut your trap, behave like a normal person, & enjoy your time there.
-Learn to love and appreciate everything around you. You have only one life and this may be the one and only trip of your lifetime so enjoy it!


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