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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Big Island, Hawaii. Living, Eating, & Random Fun.

In a few weeks I will be relocating back to the mainland or where the rest of the 49 states are located. Yes, Hawaii is the 50th state and it's comprised of several islands. I'm currently living on the island of Hawaii aka Big Island. The state capital is located on the Island of Oahu in the city of Honolulu. The lyrics "The Island of Waikiki" from Nicki Minaj's song entitled, "Dance" is not real folks. Waikiki is a place on the island of Oahu. From all the islands, the Big island is my favorite. This is not being biased at all. 
First and foremost, this is where King Kamehameha was born which I think is pretty cool. 
2.Diverse in climates. During winter, snow on Mauna Kea and huge waves (12ft and up) at sea. Where in the world can you say, "Hey, like go play in the snow and then go surf later?"
3.Abundant of "ono kine" and fresh food.
4. Great outdoor adventures for people that enjoy nature.
5. Great backdrops for amazing photos.
6. Lots of Hawaiiana history to immerse yourself into.
7. There's a university here if you're wanting to get your learn on.           
University of Hawaii at Hilo. Why not play and go to school in paradise (Plus it will be an excuse for friends/family to visit Hawaii).
I could go on and on. In the next several weeks I will post my favorites things to do here in the islands. As you can sense, I'm already getting a little homesick. One thing I've learned is that you can't appreciate a place until you move away. I may complain about Hilo rain or the crazy humidity but I will always have the aloha for this enchanting and wonderful place.

In front of King Kamehameha statue in Hilo. Original statue in Kohala. His birthplace.
(silence & noise lace top, jeffrey campbell scallop heels)

Feeling mildly country here. cows were grazing.

zara suede shoes, jbw watch

"cat fish"

feeling like a "nastygal" from head to toe

Beautiful beaches. This is in Waikoloa.

Awesome trails that leads to beautiful beaches.

Poi pounder

Volcano Garden Arts. Stop by Ira Ono's Cafe for greats eats straight from his garden.

Ono grindz on the go. Shrimp tempura roll with spam.
From Earl's Waimea. 

Beach in Keaukaha. Snow covered Mauna Kea in the background.

Till next time.

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  1. Leaving the island?! Who will represent style for us now?