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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

After the Hilo Rain, Sprouts New Life

Days are creeping up on me...I will soon be leaving on a jet plane from this place. I'm making conscious efforts to immerse myself in everything that this place has to offer. I definitely have been eating a lot, which is an easy way to delve into the local Hawaiian culture.

Everyday, my mind consciously random off to new thoughts, “hanabada day” memories like catching prawns down by the river of Nikai waterfall, and possibilities of what is to come in my near future. I shit you not, I small kine scared of the unknown. Which is odd because I use to live on the edge of the unknown. Perhaps, it is the result of stagnation of living in a place of isolation. I don’t know. The irony of realization for love of things/people is the moment when it is slipping away from your fingertips. It’s also ironic that I'm here missing Hawaii when I’ve complained numerous times about the crazy humidity, thundering Hilo rain, and vog from the volcano. 

Anyways, here are more adventures in Hawaii. I went to the island of Maui for the weekend. Drove half way to Hana until I got car sick. No joke when they say the road to Hana is super windy. Stopped by twin falls. Replenished with some fresh coconuts. Had dinner at #migrantmaui restaurant where my high school friend, Sheldon Simeon is the guy in the kitchen whipping out some ono grindz. 

"Ohana" Hawaiian Airlines

Only in Hawaii you get pog to drink on the plane

Stocked up on some Sig Zane gear. Gotta still do Aloha Friday, right?

Not you inang's or auntie's pancit. It's mo bettah

Hanger Steak

Steamed fruits with ice cream

Chef Sheldon showing us around the kitchen

Da braddahs cooking ono kine dishes

Outside MiGrantMaui. Thanks for an amazing meal, Sheldon. Hope you will always remain that humble guy from Hilo even though you all stay famous now.
(Indah Maxi Dress, JBW diamond watch, Chanel WOC)

Bamboo trail on Hana highway

Woke up early to see this beauty on Haleakala 

New shoes to walk around on a new journey

Yes, MMA is big around here mainly because of this guy. 
BJ Penn Fitness is where I worked out. Great gym and awesome classes. If you get a chance take the turbo class with Evelyn.

Koa arches on the slopes of Mauna Loa. Photo by: Joe Ruesing

Me. Consciously Random. 
Sitting on the steps near Paulo's in Pahoa. A little town where in a few weeks or days Pele might reclaim what is rightfully hers with lava.
Lava Update click: here.

The lava flow is a metaphor in a way. With the lava destruction, it rejuvenates the earth and create new life. I think about this move and how melancholic I'm getting. However, I have to look at it in a positive perspective. It's another chapter in my life and that I'm only going to blossom into the person that I need to be.

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