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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Laguna Beach Transplant

It's been a month since my tan ass left Hawaii... again. It's been a little difficult adjusting to my new environment but the salt on my face carried by the winds from the Pacific Ocean is a little reminder that home is just beyond the horizon. No. I'm ridiculously homesick.
My days here consist of: Walk Bailey. Walk to the gym. Walk to Whole Foods to buy decaf coffee. More walking. Eat. Walk Bailey again. Eat. Sleep. Yup that's my life right there. 
 Extremely deprived of fresh herbs and vegetables that are picked at peak of freshness. I miss my mom's garden of fresh vegetables. Luckily after 3 weeks, I finally got to go to a Farmers Market and might of even educated a person about vegetarian feed for pigs. I think he was slightly perplexed that I knew something he didn't know when he was trying to sell a product that he is supposed to be very knowledgeable about. I often get pre-judged for being uneducated about sustainability and organic produce due to the clothing I wear. Hey, I like to shave and not dose myself with patchouli oil. Is that a problem? I often get mistaken as a follower on the bandwagon because all the hipsters are doing it. But on the contrary, I've been doing this my whole life before someone decided to put a label on this way of living. Don't let the Chanel purse and Louboutins on my feet fool you :) I'm nature's child. Mother Nature just wants me to look good.
Anyway, one thing I like living in Laguna is that it is very dog friendly. Bailey tags along to luncheon to the many great restaurants. But, my poor Bailey, Hawaii born is yet to really adapt to this concrete jungle. It amuses me when he's desperately trying to find a patch of greenery to take care of his business and in defeat goes in the middle of the road. 

So,happy places that makes my tummy smile.
Zinc Cafe is a cute vegetarian eatery. It's not advertised that it is which it awesome and yes, you can bring fido with you! 

Carmelitas Kitchen. Limitless supply of really good salsa. Elevated food that are inspired from the real Mexico. I'm not talking about Baja Mexico, folks. The lobster tostada was filling and not greasy at all. I picked this because it reminds of seafood from the Yucatan pennisula. Mainly Playa Del Carmen. The Berkshire carnitas melts in your mouth and reminds me of good ole kalua pork.

Watermarc. Came here for dinner after Danny's first day visiting a hospital. Dinner was good but breakfast was even better!

Crab cakes benedict. I substituted the muffins for lettuce.
They also have $5 bloody marys and mimosas!

Braddah hea, always wearing the aloha shirt even though not Friday.
Sig Zane Lei Kauila Men's Shirt. Not your average aloha shirt. Love that it is slightly modern but so traditional. All Sig Zane shirts are all made in Hilo, Hawaii. 

370 Common. Food here are hearty and fun place to eat.
Hanger steak with Argula Salad. 

My fur baby trying to stay warm.

This is just how he do. 
Sig Zane Aloha shirt.

After years of online shopping with NastyGal, I finally got a chance to go their first store ever in Melrose. I got a free book, too!

This warm weathered girl needs to keep her toes warm, right? 
I'm loving these black booties by Jeffrey Campbell that I got from LF Laguna.

Louis Vuitton Epi handbag, Prada sunnies, Keepsake lace dress
(My friend, Fred said, "Black is the new happy dress." I say, "Black is the new color of happy."

New favorite items.

Urban Lights at LACMA in the city of Angeles.

Aloha 'oe till next time.

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