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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Walking & Eating My Way Through the Streets of San Francisco, CA

The past month I've been doing a lot of traveling. With traveling of course, that means eating. After my first culinary experience at Maui Executive Catering Chef's Table, my perspective on eating opened my eyes or in this case, woken up my taste buds. So, I've been in search of great food around me.
Recently took a trip to San Francisco for a few days. This trip was slightly different because I felt like I saw the real San Francisco-the beautiful and the filth while walking and eating my way through the streets. When it came to finding a place to eat, I looked for places that were slightly off the beaten path. I kid you not, I walked 6 miles (it was only 2 miles to the destination but made a few wrong turns...) for a cup of latte and a delicious sandwich which led me to having the most random inspirational conversation with a complete stranger. So, here is a slight recap of my adventure.

Made a detour to Santa Cruz for the day. 
Live Oak Farmers Market. Check out Santa Cruz Farmers Market for locations. 

Carnita taco

Celery raisin ice cream from The Penny Ice Creamery. They do have a store front but you can find them at the farmers market as well. I fell in love with them years ago when I had their balsamic fig ice cream. 

grilled avocado, trout roe, radish, garlic bread

chitarra, shrimp, garlic, drawn butter

grilled ribeye, green tomato jam, green goddess, fried oysters

carrot cake, passion fruit ice, cream cheese ice cream

Outside Dining at The Stable Cafe

delicious latte & turkey club sandwich

Must check out their music

Thanks to Riyo, I didn't eat alone and met her owner who ended up being someone who I am sure will cross paths with again. 

Music is the universal language for love and meeting people.
Don't you agree?

View of the kitchen

duck confit & sausage, turnip, grapes, sauce au poivre

seafood sausage, pine nuts, beurre rose

Tartine Bakery amazing bake goods. 

Not quite sure why I took this photo. I think it reminds me of walking in Melbourne, Australia and cute alleyways.

I seriously couldn't leave San Fran without getting a cupcake.

In the movie, Autumn in New York, Charlotte ask Will why he's interested in food and he replies, "Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes." 

Mahalo San Francisco for nourishing my body with good food but most importantly, nourishing my soul with humility and appreciation for everything that I've been blessed with it my life.


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