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Monday, August 17, 2015

Blow Me Away Chicago

Spent about a week in Chicago and the last time I was there was about 9 years ago when the Trump tower was still being built. It was rather strange to be back in the windy city plus this past month I've seriously been on a plane 4 times every week and it was a tad bit daunting to the say the least. Anyway, Chicago is still beautiful in its own right and the food scene just blew me away. I ate. A lot. Of course, visited all the beautiful architectural buildings and got to share it with my 9 year old nephew. There were times I wanted the wind to blow me somewhere unfamiliar so I didn't have to confront some of the things that have been nipping at me. 

Life is so amusing at times. I always find myself traveling to old thoughts, revisiting and dipping my fragility of a heart in certain of what was once momentarily bliss, and doing a mental recap of my year. It’s a year, exactly; I gave life the middle finger to double shifts and noncompliance to embark on a journey to reclaim of what is left of who I am. Someone once told me that I’m good at walking away from adversity, normalcy, or anything/anyone that can resemble continual contentment. Yes, I can’t conjure any congruent argument to contradict such a statement. But, I’ve come to some realization that I’m mildly satisfied of such action because it has lead to amazing moments and strangers that put a smile on my face. Also, set forth in motion of unsuspecting events that in hopes will manifest into great things to come. Just need the wind to pick me up and blow me away.

Cloud Gate

Frank Gehry Building

Millenium Park

Farmer's Market

Chicago Dog

"The Traveler"

"The Lord of the Dance"

360 degree view of Chicago from John Hancock Building

Chef Brian Millman from Atwood Restaurant

Pork belly slider was delicious

Re-grand opening party of Allegro Hotel

Reflecting at the Allegro Hotel

Lunch at Bistronomic

Lounging & Cocktailing

Confit Goat Belly at The Girl and the Goat

Chicken w/ shaved cured egg yolk

Calamari Bruschetta w/goat bacon

Goat Carpaccio

Return of the gyro

grilled octopus at Nico Osteria

oyster with caviar in champagne vinegar

My adorable nephew and I

-Do get the city pass to see attractions/museums. It will save you money and time waiting in those long lines.
-Do bring a good pair of walking shoes. Walking is encouraged.
-After 1730 streets gets really busy, get a taxi instead of uber since they usually charge flat rate. 
-So many great eateries, use yelp or ask the friendly staffs at the hotel that you're staying.

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