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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Temporary Living- Maui, Part 2

Back in Cali and I’m here reflecting on the brief time in Maui…amazing and fun co-workers…drive to “upcountry” after work…beach bummin…morning sips at my favorite corner…How I miss you…

Best Place to Get Poke
1. Kaohu Store
-Get the Hawaiian Style Chili or the Hawaiian Style. They are open early for bentos but go after 1030 for the poke. It’s made fresh daily and never frozen.

2. Costco
-Ahi Limu and Garlic Shrimp. I know it’s weird but they too have fresh fish. Go on the weekends where you can select how much you want. During the week it’s pre-package.

3. Tamura’s Fine Wine and Liquors
-They’ve been voted for best poke bowl but come here for the crab poke (not the cook kine or the imitation crab kine). Also, they have a great selection of beer, wine, & liquor to go along with your poke.

4. Kahului Foodland
-Sea Aspargus Poke.

5. Kula Farmer’s Market on Saturday
-Get the poke in a cone.

Coffee Fix
1. Sip Me
-My favorite place to sip my caramel latte, have revelations, & random meet ups for conversations. They open at 0600 so it was perfect for me to get that cup of joe before work.

2. Maui Coffee Attic
-They open at 0600 and close to the hospital. It’s a great place to get work done and to network. I had the pleasure of meeting John, the owner who told me that they have events going on all the time. If you’re working temporary in Maui, this place is great to meet & mingle with people.

3. Wailuku Coffee Company
-This is where the cool kids come for good coffee and chatters. They have sandwiches and bagels to grub on. They open at 0700.

4. Paia Bay Coffee
-This place is tucked away and a cute place to get lost in a cup of joe or someone’s company. They open everyday from 0700.

5. Grandma’s Coffeehouse
-Located in upcountry. It’s a cute little spot and they great dessert. Although the service isn’t that great but the coffee is pretty good. They handpick their own coffee beans and they have been around for some time now.

Other places to eat in no particular order:
1.  Kojima’s, Pukalani
-Great sushi and Japanese food. You can bring your own favorite alcoholic beverage.

2.  Kula Bistro, Kula
-My favorite spot for breakfast and dinner. Huge portion and reasonably priced. I love their benedicts. Service is great as well.

3.  Thai Spice, Paia
-This is my sister’s favorite spot to get her fix.

4.  Market Fresh Bistro, Makawao
-My go to place for breakfast. I love the goat cheese pesto omelet. 

5.  Coconut Fish Café, Kihei
-Gotta get the fish tacos.

6.  Aria, Wailuku
-Get the char siu bao sliders. I felt like it was enough to have as a meal.

7.  Maui Chef’s Table at the Millhouse, Waikapu
-New location and the majority of the vegetables are from the farm.

8.  Flatbread, Paia
-Good pizza and they offer gluten free as well.

9.  Maui Sugar Shop (Gluten-free Bakery), Lahaina
-My go to spot to get my sugar fix. Cynthia is so nice and all the bake goods are amazing. Cream puffs are a must!

10. Frida’s, Lahaina
-Good Mexican food.

11. Migrant, Wailea
-Go support my friend, Sheldon and of course, try the pancit!

12. Star Noodle, Lahaina
-the pork belly bao sliders and saimin

13. A Saigon Café, Wailuku
-Pho is good. The waiters try to be comedians so prepare yourself.

14.  Morimoto, Wailea
-Everything is good especially when you can add some truffles!

15. Ulupalakua Ranch Store
Get their homemade burgers. The cattle and other games are raised close by and I know for a fact that the cows sometimes get pineapple for treats. So, the beef is sweet! Don’t forget to stop by the winery across the street for free wine tasting.

16. Paradise Supermarket, Kahului
For unpretentious Filipino grinds.

17. 4 Sisters, Wailuku
For all the great Filipino kankanin

-Baldwin Beach
-Anywhere in Wailea
-Black Rock to go cliff diving
-Cliffhouse in Kapalua

Check out my instagram: janis_joy for some of my photos.

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