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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Places to Eat in San Sebastian (Donostia), Spain- A Gastronomic Experience

Yeah...this photo sums up my food personality. I'm always daydreaming about what I'm going to eat, where I'm going to eat, or how I can replicate a dish and make it my own. San Sebastian is like coachella, wanderlust, foodtopia (is that even a word?)for the most adventurous eater. Currently, they're not so openminded to vegans yet but there is potential. Found a place or two that caters to y'all. But the thing is, how can you not try every vegetable, seafood, or cow. Is it cruel that after a dairy cow stops producing milk is exiled to the pasture to eat delicious grass for the next 9-13 years of its life? I think not! Anyway, I definitely could come back to San Sebastian for the food and just overall the people and vibes.

customary to always have coffee/tea after dinner

first pintxo bar we checked out

this was a great bite


this Iberico pig is fed acorns to get 
that amazing flavor

Beti Jai Berria

blood sausage, mussels, & tako (octopus)

fresh white asparagus

one of the streets to find pintxos

Goiz-Argi's crab bisque & their famous shrimp

Bar Zeruko

Foie gras

Cheesecake from La Vina

Bar Nestor
how something so simple taste so damn freakin' amazing?
heirloom tomatoes with salt & olive oil.

The famous Chuletas!

this steak was so delicious but unfortunately, 
between the two of us were unable to finish it.

1. We stayed at Maria Cristina, which was close to all the pintxo restaurants in the old town area. We were given a pamphlet of the top pintxo spots and what each place is known for. Ask the front desk for a map.
2. Walk, walk, walk! Everything is walking distance. Taxi was a little pricey.
3. Customary to have 1 or 2 pintxos along with a drink at each bar/restaurant. Do not take more than 3 or 4 at a time.
4. Keep track of the number of "bites" and drinks you have. You pay after you're done and move on to the next.
5. Don't try to cheat on the number of pintxos and drinks you had because they know. Just be honest.
6. Dinner is usually taken after 2000. 
7. Most bars/restaurants will have napkins all over the floor which is normal. At the end of the night, it's easier for them to clean up.
8. Try the txakoli or their local beer. It will always be cheaper.